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Gambit's Eye

Gambit went to the vet this morning to see about his eye. I mentioned earlier on that his right eye seemed discoloured - the white of his eye had a brownish cast.

The vet said there's nothing technically wrong with his eye - he doesn't have any tearing or damage or any vision problems like cataracts or anything like that. She said it might be that he has allergies, or that his eyelids are pushing in on his eye and causing it to be irritated. He does have reddened eyes, and a lot of eye goop.

She gave us meds for both eyes anyway in case it might be an infection, so I have to rub cream on his eyeballs twice a day (ew).

She said if it doesn't get better, it's either allergies or his eyelids. Because he gets a lot of ear infections (once every two months since we've brought him home) he might indeed have allergies. We have 2 budgies and a hedgehog, so I hope it's not them. I'm allergic to the hedgehog's bedding, but my hubby seems attached to it, despite the fact that it is obese and cranky and does virtually nothing except poo and cost me money... (but that's another story for another time.)

Anyway, out of curiousity, I know lots of bostons get allergies, so I figure the eye drops are about the extent of the cure for that. But anyone out there whose dogs have eyelids pressing on their eyes? The vet said it's common in bostons and pugs and other dogs with protruding eyes....

And if so, what do I do? Have his eyelids cut? Doesn't that seem... extreme?

And, just so this isn't too text heavy, a pic of my charming gentleman in his sweater.

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