Stacy (satyr8) wrote in boston_buddies,


We're going on a trip! They usually leave us with someone but we got some traveling time machine looking little houses and were going with them! It's somewhere called Toooson Tuson.... oh Bentley says it's spelled Tucson. That looks like Tucksin to me! We'll take lots of pictures. I like the new houses they have roll up windows!

They're pretty cozy inside too, kinda look like chocolate with scratches in it. I dunno anyone who'd want to live in a chocolate house in this hot of a state though, Ha!

I'm pretty excited, I haven't gone on a trip since I travelled here from Yucca. I think I'll put a chair here in the front porch area and look at the stars!

The inside is good too, there's this striped mat, it does make some crunchy sounds so they put a fuzzy bed in its place.

Bentley says he likes them too, we're going to have fun! Mom says she's going to look for dog parks there and everything! w00t!


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