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Jake Gyllenhaal-again!

Michael and I went hiking at Runyon Canyon both saturday and sunday. Today I can barely walk I am so sore hahaha. We took Hogwarts, Lulu, and Onyx. It is a lot of fun to be hiking and the dogs are off their leashes running and playing. Except Lulu has to scale the mountain the entire time giving me a heart attack that she is going to fall off. 

We were going downhill and I saw a biker coming up hill (insanity, I dont know how anyone could ride their bike up the hill.. I can barely walk up it!) Of course there are a lot of dogs running around, not just mine, so I didn't yell at them to come to me to get them out of the way like any polite person would do hahaha. 

Well Lulu is directly infront of the bike now and of course the guy has to stop and I see it's Jake Gyllenhaal! He says" whoops!!" I was like sorry!! He had a big smile on his face though. Wasnt mad at all. 

So that is the second time in my life already I have had to apologize to Jake Gyllenhaal because of one of my crazy dogs! hahahaha.

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