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Tummy troubles

Have any of your babies had problems with their pancreas? Bonnie is six years old, and has had a lot of pancreas trouble. She started throwing up everything she ate, and what she did keep down ended up giving her diarrhea. At first the vet thought it might be pancreatic cancer. She put her on a special perscription dog food and she gets a pill twice a day. Her levels got better, which meant no cancer, but she had to stay on the food and pills to be able to digest anything. She eventually got off of the food, and is still on the pills. The problem is now about once a month, she gets sick and has to go back on the special food for a while. I'm scared that her pancreas is on its way to shutting down.

Has anyone else had any experience with this? I'd appreciate any advise ya got. I'm really worried about my little girl. :(

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