Carla (cadani) wrote in boston_buddies,

I need some advice... Friday, I came home from work to diarrhea all over Genma's crate. He was fine the rest of the night, 3AM Saturday he had diarrhea again. He was then fine all day Saturday, and Sunday. Monday he had diarrhea again, and today Tuesday he's been fine all day but just now had diarrhea twice. He's still acts himself, he eats, drinks, plays like normal. His poop is now getting to be just really soft, but also kind of snotty like? It's brown but looks like snot, at the end. Has any of your dogs ever done this? What'd you do? My friend's dog just recently did this, and her vet said before taking him to the vet for all the tests it may just be the food change and to put him on 1/2 cup Pedialyte, 3/4 cup water (for his size) so he won't get dehryated. We've been doing that. I did change his food from Blue Buffalo to Candiae, about 3-4 weeks ago so I don't know why it'd just now be bugging him, it didn't at all before? I've been thinking its from his always finding things on the floor to eat, and the pig ears he's been getting a lot lately... I've figured they've been upsetting his stomach, because I read that most diarrhea is caused by eatting stuff off the floor/garbage. Anyway, any advice would be grately appriciated. I've been freaking out, but wasn't sure if it was that serious since it's not everytime he poops its just been off and on for the last 4 days. I was going to take him to the vet earlier today if he had diarrhea again but he was fine until just a little bit ago. Thanks in advance, I really appriciate it.

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