raymiew (raymiew) wrote in boston_buddies,

Would Love Advice

I have been planning to get another Boston Terrier as soon as I graduated.  I still have two semesters to go.  One semester I will be living with my mother so I can complete an externship with a judge and the other I will be doing traditional studying.  My mother called today and she was talking to someone who has a Boston that they want to get rid of, but I really wasn't planning on getting a new Boston now.  I spoke with the woman who has the Boston.  It is 8 months old, female, not spayed.  Albus is 4, male, and fixed.  I'd have the female spayed as soon as the vet would allow it.

I'm nervous about getting another dog.  I know Albus has been an angel, but every dog is different.  She says she is getting rid of the dog because her kids wanted a different type of dog and the two do not get along.  So of course I'd love to take it, but I'd like to hear some thoughts first.  What advice you have?  The new Boston would be staying with my mother until I graduate.  So basically I'll be here for 7 months or so, then spend 3-4 months away.  

Any advice would be appreciated.

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