stageii (stageii) wrote in boston_buddies,

They bark at anything!

Last August I moved into a new place, from a quiet cul-de-sac to the middle of a long street in a sizable development. There's construction going on, people walking, biking, and plenty of dogs. If someone across the street closes their car door, my guys go ballistic. They post themselves at the sidelight windows by the front door and keep watch. Oops, someone walks their dog! That's good for a solid five minutes of mohawk and spittle quality barking. I thought that after awhile they would relax, but unfortunately, that's not the case.

I DO want them to bark when it's justified - I live alone, and I don't mind them sounding off when the doorbell rings or someone walks behind the fence in the back yard. I don't think there is a solution - so I'm just venting a bit.

My neighbor recently fenced in a bit of yard side by side with mine for their boxer, and the commotion that ensues when they are all out there is embarrassing. All they see is a dog on the other side of the fence without a leash on - they don't realize that she is penned. Oy.

I've started keeping the tv on most of the day so it's not so quiet, but I don't see that it really makes a difference.

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