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First, some Boston art that I found online:

Hello, guys! I'm Autumn and my puppy's name is Gigi. She's around 14 weeks old. I found this community just before purchasing her and stayed close in the event that I'd have puppy questions but everything tended to work itself out without having to ask. :)

This is my first dog since living with my family and although the responsibility was a bit intimidating, I knew I had to have her.

Our only issue right now is dealing with the fact that she barks at everyone walking past her little "yard", which actually belongs to everyone else in our apartment complex! Her tag will wag if someone talks to her but she remains defensive and will not approach them. She has even started to bark if she sees people from indoors and the nighttime rather terrifies her. Hopefully at 4 mos. the local pet stores' "puppy playtime" sessions (and being old enough to be allowed into parks and whatnot) will help socialize her. Cause right now as it is, she's acting like a chihuahua and it's embarrassing.

Gigi is on dogster and would be happy to add any of you - the link is here.

Talk about having to puppyproof the place - if I don't keep every article of clothing picked up she'll find some sort of undergarment and drag it into the living room, to her favorite spot by the sliding glass door. Potty training is going well - there are the occasional accidents but I know things will click for her in due time.

Thanks for letting me share!

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