it's like brenda without the "D" (sugartitts) wrote in boston_buddies,
it's like brenda without the "D"

Potty Training Woes....

Pepper is just about 11 months old...and our potty training is STILL an issue :( If we don't take her outside every couple of hours, she will sneak off into the kitchen and pee on the floor. We have had to get rid of our area rugs because she loves to pee on them for some reason. We feel like we have done all the right things from the beginning, but she is SO stubborn and nothing seems to be working. She has gone a couple of days without an accident in the house, but as soon as we go back to work, she falls back into her old ways.

I was hoping that some of you could shine some light on this for us....or at least commiserate with us!!! Any ideas? Advice? Stories from your own experiences??


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