Stacy (satyr8) wrote in boston_buddies,

packing up and moving, but for now... FUN

We thought we'd take a breather from our indoor fetch games to say "Hey!"

Mostly we've been playing inside since it's a zillion degrees out. The 'rents sold the dining room table, so that makes a good wrestling court/fetching arena. We had so many fotos we liked we put them into a little movie montage (below)

Even B-man is having good times, although often they have to throw one toy for me, and then another for Bentley cuz he can't never catch me cuz I am so fast.

Once the sun goes down we sometimes go across the street to the park. We'll definitely miss our park friends, and having it so close! Above is Scholar and Pumpkin, they are sooo much fun!

Here's Pebbles (Pumpkin's sister) and Oxy, Scholar's brother. We run and chase and bark and have good good times!

We've been exersizing lots and that makes us sleepy! WE'll try to post more, it's only 2 more weeks until we have a grassy back yard to run in! w00t!!

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