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hi everybody.

i'm so glad i have you all to ask questions of. we got penny friday night and saturday morning, took her to the vet because we noticed tape worms. the vet gave us a pill, her heartworm treatment and her frontline. she had a rough day! we left them with a fecal sample and went on enjoying our puppy. we noticed her stool was a little runny and her appetite wasn't so great. i was coaxing her into eating! the vet called today and said she has "giardia" in her stool sample and would need to be treated and that i could come and pick up the meds. i told her penny's appetite wasn't good and that she's incessantly licking/gnawing/biting on certain spots on her skin/fur (on her back haunches and on the inside of her legs where the soft skin is). she asked me to bring her in tomorrow morning for another exam.

questions, questions...
1. i've done my reading on giardia, but do any of you have first-hand experience with it? we have 2 kitties in the house, penny, and my fiance and i. are any of us in major danger of getting it? kitties have been totally separated from her, but she's licked us, kissed us, etc. we've cleaned up her poop, pee, etc. of course i'm more worried about the kitties than ourselves... but anybody have first-hand experience? should i be worried??

2. what's up with the gnawing and biting and licking? it's like she's obsessed. i was thinking it may be mosquito bites? i know i'm eaten up with them. i also gave her a bath the day after we got her and could swear i'd rinsed her and rinsed her WELL. but what could it be?? she's not licking her butt, so i don't think it was the tapeworm... plus, she's still doing it and we have no sign of those anymore.

and to make it a less boring post, her is a picture i just took of the two of us snuggling. i'm so in love:
penny snuggles

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