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Gambit is sick and there isn't anything I can do because in Canada, it's a long weekend, so I can't get to the vet until Tuesday. :(

He's been kind of sluggish the past few days. I called the vet about his peeing problem and they said if it continued, to make an appointment, but it hasn't continued, so I didn't. Then, yesterday, he vomited everywhere first thing in the morning, and he did again today, too. He seems really "sad" - going around making a sad face and he doesn't want to play.

So he's clearly sick. :( Any advice to tide me over until Tuesday? He's eating his food okay (or he did yesterday), he just seems really sluggish, not up for a lot of activity. I feel terrible that I didn't push for a vet appointment when I called; the lady seemed to think that it wasn't a big deal and that I should "wait and see". Well, now they are closed and he is actually sick and I can't do anything about it. :(

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