Xochicuicatl (lakinicoyote) wrote in boston_buddies,

OMG, you guyz!

I knew, I just knew when the male came home early today, something was up.

Now, if you mistook this pie face for me, I HATE YOU ALL! I am dainty, and pretty. She is..she...ugh!
They sometimes bring home dogs to stay for a few days, so the male who works at dog-jail doesn't have to *whisper* you know..
Then, they go back and get adopted.
But this time...this time..ITS STAYING.
I call her Poo Head. She doesn't have a name, yet. But now, we're BOTH going to the vet. Grr.

Poo head played with my squeaky.
I said, "It was boring, anyway."

But secretly, I was jealous. Don't tell.

Then, I showed her a lil what's what.
Ol Girl's still got it in her.

Oh, and, I still have MY place at the arty female's feets. Poo Head can never take that from me!


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