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For the past couple of days I had noticed April's ear was a little bit red and seemed to be very dirty. A few times when petting her she would let out a little yelp but she's quite a DIVA so we thought maybe she was just being a wuss with a dirty ear. After I cleaned it out she seemed fine but we decided to take her to the Vet first thing Monday morning. As it turns out she has an ear infection and our Vet said from looking at her pinkish paws, irritated belly skin, and the hair loss on her neck (from her collar), that she looks to have very sensitive skin. But that's old news.

We then decided to ask a very obvious question.

As I told you guys before, April is from our local Humane Society. Basically when you go to adopt a dog they make up stories about an elderly couple who owned the dog and then one of them got sick and had to go to the hospital and they had to give up the dog. (After they spit that story at us I've since heard it from several other people who have adopted their dogs from there too.) Anyway, the shelter said she was 2 years old and claimed the previous "owners" had given them her exact birthday and she was for sure 2 years old. The truth of the matter is from the day we brought her home I knew she didn't *act* 2 years old.

She squeals like a dolphin to go for walks and car rides. She approaches every building or piece of grass like she's NEVER seen anything like it before. Seeing other dogs will nearly make her have a heart attack. She hasn't quite mastered how to play nice with our dogs (who are clearly very adult-like and sophisticated...), and she thinks all toys/crumbs/kleenex/paper/string/branches/bugs/buttons/beads/etc. are for eating.

So we decided to casually ask our Vet how old he thought she looked based on her teeth (of course he had looked at her teeth when we first got her but we were so "sure" she was 2 years old that we just left it at that). Her teeth, BTW, are immaculate. Completely and utterly spotless and totally sparkly clean. Our Vet's verdict? He guesses she was about 8 or 9 months when we adopted her in March. [We decided her "official" birthday would be the same day as our scottie, May 21st].

THIS EXPLAINS SO MUCH. It means she's not crazy, she's just A PUPPY!!
A 19.8lb puppy (not overweight). Do you guys think she'll get any bigger??

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SNORKLES! (aka April) Mackenzie (dachsie) and Spencer's ear (scottie). :)


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