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Gambit update

So... I don't know what's wrong with my dog.

We called the emergency vet and they said that we could take him in for vomiting but it didn't sound serious.

Tonight he started trembling violently for what seemed to be no apparant reason so we took him to the emergency vet. By the time we got there, my desperately ill and mopey puppy, who was pratically having a seizure in my arms with the trembling, suddenly decided that he felt fine. He was playful, alert, had no temperature, was only mildy dehydrated and the vet said he seemed perfectly healthy.

Isn't it weird how as soon as you drop 200 bucks for an emergency vet when the dog seems at death's door, he decides to make a complete recovery?

The doc gave him Gravol (a Canadian anti-nausea drug, dunno if they have that in the USA) for the vomiting and said if we wanted, they'd keep him overnight and put him on an IV and do x-rays and bloodwork... we said no thanks, we'll just take him to our regular vet in the morning. The overnight fees at this place were insane, and it wasn't a doctor we knew, and he was very brusque and careless with Gambit.
I'd rather he have his regular vet, since he seems to be okay for now and I think being away from us would just cause him to have a nervous breakdown.

The vet said the tremors were most likely "nervous upset" because he wasn't feeling well. I'd hate to have him get even worse by being seperated from us.

The vet took his heartbeat for, I swear, two seconds and then said he had a heart murmur. Our vet takes his heartbeat carefully, many times, every checkup, his most recent being a month ago... and this has never been mentioned. So either it's the stress bringing it out in him, or the old vet missed it (unlikely) or the emergency guy made a mistake (???) but that freaked me out.

Oh yeah. Now our car won't start and the starter is dead, not the battery, so I have to call my mom to drive me to the vet in the morning, poor mama. :S It's just one expensive problem after another.

But Gambit is happy as a pig in mud, he is not sleepy AT ALL from his meds (the vet said it'd knock him right out) and he is bringing me all his toys and wants to play at one a.m. and I just wanna sleeeeeepppp....

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