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Sick Puppy pt 2

Well, since the emergency vet gave Gambit an anti-nausea shot on Monday evening, he hasn't vomited once. He has still been pretty listless, though, pouting a lot and so on. He might miss his grandma... she used to babysit him and now she doesn't, since I'm on vacation and she's been travelling, Gambit has been home with me.

I wonder if he's depressed because he misses her? He started to get back to his old self yesterday, and was much more playful last night, and he was pretty playful today, though he slept a lot more than usual. That could also be because I've been on the phone with our movers and our real estate person and so on, so I haven't been very playful with him (much to my dismay), but he's been sleeping at my feet or chewing a bone by my side so I haven't been worried. We went for some extra long walks today to deal with his pent up energy, and I've been taking him out more frequently (every 2.5 hours) rather than waiting longer as I used to in the hopes that this might help him get over whatever he's got.

But tonight, around the same time as Monday evening, around 9 pm, he started looking sulky and sad again, and wanted to curl up next to me and didn't want to play and then started shaking violently again. :( My husband took him outside in case he was having a tummy attack and wanted to go to the bathroom, but my husband said he did only a little drip and then wanted back in.

After the walk he seemed calmer and slept on our bed and we were holding him and when he woke up we gently petted him and he seemed calm, then out of the blue started violently trembling again. He looks SO SAD when he is trembling, his eyes make tears and his ears lie flat against his head and his whole body droops down like he's been beaten and yelled at. His whole attitude is one of absolute heartbreaking dejection and misery, and it is absolutely unbearable to watch. I don't know what's wrong. We took him out again, just a drizzle of pee and then he wanted back in again.

He is lying still on the bed now, looking at me with those big sad eyes, as if to say "Help me mommy, I don't feel good" but I don't know what's wrong!

I'm pretty sure he isn't having a seizure because he moves while he's trembling (from lying down to sitting to lying down and so forth, trying I think to find a comfy position). He follows us with his eyes, is alert, doesn't drool or anything... He looks like he's shuddering with pain, not having a seizure. I've seen a human seizure once and it was nothing like what Gambit is doing.

I myself suffer from food allergies and when the vet said he might be having indigestion pains, I understood because I've eaten the wrong thing and had violent stomach spasms that caused me to shake and shiver in silent agony... I just can't figure it out because we haven't fed him anything different and I've been extra vigilent about what he eats...

And it's weird that it always seems to happen around the same time each night...

Any ideas? I'm calling the vet tomorrow, anyway.

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