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puppy kisses

penny turns 3 months old tomorrow! we've had her 2 weeks as of yesterday and i'm so unbelievably attached to her. penny is 100% mama's girl - to the point where i'm trying to tone it down a little. she goes nuts when i come into a room and cries and cries (i had no idea dogs actually cried real tears) if i'm nearby but she can't get to me.

accomplishments this week:
1. she slept through the entire night in her crate without crying to go out Thursday night
2. she has started walking on her leash for 20 minute walks when we couldn't even get her to walk down the driveway before!
3. she has a new boyfriend - our neighbor, Cole.. a 125lb black lab. she plays with him and he's patient with her.
4. she is consistenly responding to "sit" and about 10% of the time to "down" and about 10% of the time to "shake"
5. zero accidents in the house. she started ringing the bells on the door sporadically when she needs to go out!

so anyway... tonight i decided that while i was on the computer, i would turn on the photobooth and take a quick picture. somehow, although she was groggy, she got super excited and i was mobbed by puppy kisses.

this is how it started... started with one kiss.

and what it turned into...

Photo 309
Photo 320
Photo 321
Photo 318
Photo 319
she's a love machine!!!!

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