Kim (kimbalynne) wrote in boston_buddies,

Baxter update

Well x-rays looked good- no visible signs of blockage which was a huge relief. They gave him some fluids because he was dehydrated and 2 anti-nausea shots. He's been passed out on the couch since we got home. No food or water until tomorrow morning when I can start introducing it a tablespoon at a time (that should be interesting! He's such a little piggy). No doggy daycare tomorrow!
Thanks for all the well wishes. I'm glad it doesn't appear to be anything serious (if it continues though that means lots of tests, etc.), even if it did cost me $350. At least we have clear baseline x-rays in case god forbid we have to compare them to something. Bailey's already scheduled to go to the vet this week for a shot, so I'm sure Baxter will be tagging along for a check up!

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