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Lulu's Levels

So Lulu's levels aren't good at all. Her creatinine level on friday when we rushed her to the vet was a 13. Today it's a 12. She has only gone down 1 since she has been on an IV since friday. Not good at all. For a normal dog a good creatinine level would be a 2 or lower. For a dog with kidney failure a good level would be a 4. 

This is so not good. We are going to keep her there another day I guess. The dr said she cant stay on the IV forever.. He said she looks very good and shes in good spirits but her levels arent good at all. She also has mild pancreaitis.. there is no cure for that.. so that is why it hurts her when she eats. 

Once her kidneys start functioning again her pancrease will too... ugh i was hoping for good news. The dr also said her ultrasound images were the worse he has seen in a very long time :(

So we will keep her there another day. Pray for her levels to go down more. Then we will take her home and start fluids under the skin. I don't think she will make it long though living with her levels so high. My poor sweet girl. This is horrible.

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