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update on Precious' itchies

Precious went to the vet today to get her shots, and while I was there I asked what might be causing the itching I was asking about in my last post:


Soooooo, it turns out Precious has Demodex, a mite....which is what makes her itch occasionally. Supposedly most dogs have demodex and it normally doesn't cause any problems unless the immune system isn't fully formed, like in puppies. So..that was the cause of the problem.
I might as well take the time out to point out the elitism of some people of my last post. I am all about helpful recommendations, but when people think it necessary to insult someones profession, or tell them they are hurting thier dog...it is just WAY unnecessary. I am a groomer, OF COURSE I know what irritated/infected skin would look like. I realize that the internet gives people giant e-balls, but I would really like people to take a second before jumping down peoples throats on issues they think they know everything about.
Oh, and for the record, the vet said a hypo/soap free wash twice a week was not an issue.

So, yeah, Demodex not allgeries, yay!

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