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Sick piggies

I feel so bad for all the people who have sick babies! :-( It's making me sad!

Which then makes me paranoid that something is wrong with Violet. But something just doesn't seem right. She's 3 and was already vaccinated and had her boardatella (sp?) prior to going to the boarding place while we on vacation the first week in July. I get her back, and she just seems congested. You know the gagging sound dogs make like when they're tugging on their leash while being walked and they stop to catch their breath and it's sort of a dry heave?? Well, Violet's been doing this a lot lately...I mean, she would occassionally do it if she ate or drank or just had some phlem...but she seems to have the sniffles and congestion. I just worry because of her heart murmur....any suggestions? I gave her a benadryl and she has her yearly check up on Wednesday, but I hate waiting and they don't have any other spots. :-( Do your babies get allergies or maybe a small chest cold? :-\

One more thing: Random question someone asked me - can dogs eat carrots?

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