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a nicely inexpensive trip to the vet

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and advice. I called the vet again to see if we could move up the date because Violet did not sound too bad today, and they got me right in today. Apparently there is a newer strain of Kennel Cough that the Bordatella vaccination isn't covering, and with Violet right on the edge (she was due up for it in August) she could have possibly gotten a small strain or whatever...but Jake, our other dog who was in the same "pet suite" as Violet is fine. But we put her on Keflex and Hydrocodone as a cough suppressant since she's doing the weird not really coughing thing, but it might be allergies or a cold. I just want my baby to get better. She's not lethargic, but just has that "mommy, I'm sick" look to her.

But again thanks for all of your help...I get so worked up and worried since she has that heart murmur...I'm so scared of losing my baby. I honestly feel like she understands me...like when I cry she'll come over and throw herself on me and lick away my tears. She's just my girl. Thanks again! This group is honestly the best!

mommy, why do you do this to me?

okay...enough of the photos...I'm going to lay down.

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