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I'm just curious because I am not sure if this is cause for concern or just normal doggie antics.  Harley recently has been turning her nose up at her food.  She's always been nitpicky about eating.  She'll only eat when someone was closeby or when the cat was up on the counter eating his food.  When she does eat she picks a few bits and brings them from the bowl to the floor and eats that way.  I tend to think more and more she was the runt, the one who had been pushed away from her food as a baby.  Because she'd become so uninterested in her Beneful food I went and tried a new brand and mixed it in with her current to see if she'd give it a go.  She took one whiff and turned away.  Amazingly though the cat came over and went right in for a bite of her DOG food lol.  Being totally non food aggressive she just sat there and watched Leo eating her food.  Well, long story short just to see if it was an eating problem I tried giving her a milkbone.  She's crazy over her milkbones, she'll eat those no problem.  Little snippets of lunch meat or peanut butter (the only way I can get her to take her allergy pill) she eats up no prob.  

Has anyone else's doggy done this with their food after eating the same type for well over a year?  If so how do you go about either getting them to eat or finding them food they will eat?  I'm always real cautious with dog food ever since that whole fiasco with the one manufacturer's huge recall due to poison in the food.  I don't want to get her something that may taste good but be bad for her.  She's a spoiled little girl everyone says this is totally my fault, lol, but I just want my baby to eat her food without me laying next to her bowl and picking it out piece by piece for her.

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