Tiffany (iftherainstops) wrote in boston_buddies,

new photos of benton in orange county

Here are some photos. I have a funny video i need to upload to youtube as well. We were cleaning the house, and i tossed a piece of pizza into a big shopping bag that i was about to take to the trash. i got sidetracked, and i noticed that benton wasnt in the room. i snuck in the kitchen and is attempting to get the piece of pizza out of the bag!!!

this is my new favorite photo of him!

he loves curling up on this chair:

and this is a bit later, snuggling with a water bottle, and his back foot smushed in his face:

and this is from our walk. When we lived in Sonoma County, we couldn't go on walks becuase we lived on a crazy busy country road that i didnt even like walking on. So now everynight we go for a walk to get the mail, and to go around the complex to get his energy worked out. He really loves it! And he's so good on the walks, the last time we went on a walk he was spazz puppy and was just way too crazy. If i get the mail without him (on the way home, etC) he freaks out at night becuase he hasnt gone on his walk, he'll seriously just sit by the door!


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