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I took Lucy (my boston) and Ariana (my mutt) to the vet today. It was a new vet so I was nervous that I wouldn't like them. It was a female and I LOVED her. She was very nice and personable and the dogs seemed to really respond to her. I took them because Lucy & Ariana both have little growths on them that I wanted to have checked out. Ariana's concerned me because of the way it looked but also because she's put on some weight. Turns out she's gained almost 10 pounds!! (she's now a whopping 61.4 lbs. and the vet recommended possibly trying a "senior" diet now that she is 9 *sniff*) but her growths were not concerning to the vet.
Lucy's we weren't as concerned with because we thought her's might just be a wart. This one actually concerned the vet a bit and she recommended a biopsy. A needle biopsy is $250 and a removal biopsy is $450!!!  Holy crap! That might have to wait a bit. :( 
She also told me that Lucy has a heart murmur which no vet has ever told me before. That concerned me a bit. She told me it was on the low side though and not enough to put her on medication or anything - for us to just bring her in for her regular appointments so we can keep track of it. We might also want to take it a little easier on her playing and running at the park - maybe cut the time down some. 
They also each got their vaccinations, heartworm test and preventative. 
So, an hour later I left $250.00 lighter in my wallet and with a slightly heavier heart. I'm happy Ariana is well but bummed that Lucy presented more problems. 

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