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Swollen Bump

About 2 days ago I noticed Kermit had a swollen bump on his anus that caused the entire area to become swollen. I cleaned it up with with water and the next morning the swelling did somewhat go down as the surrounding area was not swollen anymore, but he still has the bump. The bump has yellow puss and a hole or dent in the middle where it's coming out.

We do have a cat that is not declawed and they often play rough and Kermit does get scratches, I was thinking maybe the cat got a little stuck on his butt and now he has a wound? I've been keeping on eye on it and he doesn't seem to be bothered by his bump. He did lick it a couple of times but only after I clean it. He sits down just fine and doesn't cry when I touch it.

Anyone know what it could possibly be?

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