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I never really properly introduced myself so I thought now is a good a time as any. My name is Laura and I LOOOOVE Boston Terriers. My heart just lights up when I see one. I don't have one (yet) but the last couple of months I have been trying to adopt one. which brings me to my next question.... has anyone adopted a boston terrier lately? I have tried to adopt several dogs and some rescues never get back to me and one called my very good reference and never followed up. I guess perhaps they are hesitant to adopt out to me because I am a student, young, and live sort of far away from some of the dogs I have applied for, and I have 2 bunnies (one is black and white and kinda looks like a boston terrier...ha) but still, I'd like to think I'd be a pretty good home. I know someone else who has tried to adopt several dogs (not bostons) but has run into the same luck. Also my sincerest condolences for those who have lost their Bostons recently.

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