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Hi everyone!
Long time lurker, second time poster!  Proud mommy to Zoie, the teensy, 16-month old, 14-pound Boston.  I need fellow Boston parents advice here...This AM I woke up to Zoie scratching (she sleeps on top of the covers on the bed).  Once I got a good look at her, I screamed!  She was covered in LUMPS!  There were big ones on her back, plus smaller ones on her legs, and even on her face (the bridge of her nose and side of her face).  None on her belly and her lips looked normal.  

I have not changed her food, so I have to assume that something bit her amd she had a reaction over her whole body (I live in Las Vegas-so it's not mosquitos).    She was hugely itchy this morning, but not in any pain.  Her appetite and activity level were normal.  I called the vet who had me give her Benadryl--her lumps appear to have shrunk a bit and she is not really itching.  

I thought I remember a post a while back from Winston's mom when he got stung by a bee maybe?  If you have had this problem with your Boston--any idea what caused it, how long did it take the lumps to go away.  I was able to find one picture online of a Boston with hives, and that looks like my Zoie, except she had a lot more bumps.  Any advice or information is appreciated!


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