Sarah Rae (sarahrae) wrote in boston_buddies,
Sarah Rae


When one gets Wilbur all riled up... he makes these noises like an angry squirrel in a blender (not that I have ever witnessed this, googled this, or actually thought about this by ANY means) and the camera is never around when we need it.
But this time... it was.

No animals were harmed in the making of these videos... we promise... they even snuggled down for scratches afterwards and licked each other clean.
And we laugh at them... alot... but hopefully Wilbur's noises outweigh our silly laughing and Lola's barking!

So ahead of time I am apologizing for the low lighting in the videos I proudly share with you. We only had one light on at the time of filming, but it was too great of an opportunity to pass up.

With honor it is my pleasure to introduce to you...
Wilbur the Maniac:

Here they are, post romp... safe and sound.

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