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changes in dogs

It's so funny to see how a puppy will bring another side to older dogs. Salado, my cocker/lab mix NEVER has in the 5 years that we've had him played with toys. I bought squeakers, rope toys, etc and he always turned his head. Now with Coco in the house, she's got all these fun toys and what do you know, HE PLAYS WITH THEM TOO!

And then my other dog, Cody, a chi/weenie mix, who's 3 is just terrified of other dogs when they try to play with her--she'll usually freeze on the spot and have this terrified look of "what are you doing!?" in her eyes. But Coco is very persistant and so she seems to be coming out of her shell :o) It's just so funny how bringing a puppy into the mix changes these dogs.


Salado and Coco playing tug-o-war--Coco was trying to reclaim her toy.

Cody usually runs away if Coco comes within 5 ft of her, but they were actually SPOONING for a bit

Sometimes Cody lets Coco nibble on her tags

She really is a wonderful, lil' bebe who brings out the best in the other pooches!

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