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leash training problems and health/wheezing, reverse sneezing outside in humid weather

i took penny out walking this afternoon after work.

let me preface all of this by saying i live in memphis, which means it's hot - and VERY humid.

today it's starting to cool down, but we've had a straight week of rain and it's a high of 89 today and pretty steamy humid outside. penny's been stir-crazy, so i got in from work and we immediately went out for a walk. we haven't been out walking in nearly a month and a half because it's been sooooo hot outside (up to 107 at one point).

she rushes on the leash. she's spastic on it anyway, stopping dead in the street while we're crossing, darting into people's lawns and acting so weird. she's done this every time we've ever taken her on a leash. i chalk it up to inconsistency? anyway, she pulls on the leash SO HARD that i'm so afraid it's hurting her little throat. i've tried a harness, but the one we have has the hook closer to her back than her neck and she just turns circles all around because she's so spastic on her leash - i have NO control. we barely get down the street and she's gasping and panting and huffing. i started "heel" and so she started walking slower and calming down a little. then the reverse sneeze started. over and over and over and over.

i had already started the loop, so i finished the circle i'd started and by the end, i was carrying the dang dog. is it the humidity???? it is not THAT hot outside. it was 6pm and it's REALLY cloudy outside. it is truly humid, though...

so, i guess...
leash training
is there a specific kind of harness that may help?
the reverse sneezing (she does it in the middle of the night too - she wakes herself up with it. we rub her throat and kiss and calm her, but she does it ALL the time). she has a relatively long snout for a boston (i think?) and everything i read says that bostons with especially smooshed little faces are more proned to the reverse sneeze, but all it does is startle them. she looked like she couldn't breathe at all while we were out walking...

it's turned me into paranoid mom?

for good measure... here's the beast at 5 months, all packed up for our camping trip:
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