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We have to give up Skeeter. Long and sad.

:( :( :( :( :( :(

Skeeter needs a new home.

My husband and I adopted Skeeter about 2.5 years ago, and have loved him ever so much, spoiled him rotten, and snuggled his little squishy face off.

We moved from Buffalo to Queens (NYC) in January and Skeeter's attitude went completely sour. He hated the tiny space of our apartment, he didn't like that there was very little grass around, and between our commute times, he spent about 10 hours a day home by himself. We tried to work around it the best we could, took him to the park for hours on the weekends and trying to get him out and about as often as possible. He was clearly miserable, always sulking, having diarrhea, and just looked sad all the time. We were also simultaneously planning our wedding, and our weekends when Skeet was here were not as devoted to his exercise and he gained weight.

When the hot 95 degree days of summer kicked in and it looked like there was a possibility of city-wide power outages, we brought Skeeter to my dad's house in the country (Upstate). The plan was that it would until our wedding came and passed, and then Skeeter would return back to Queens with us.

In late June we were up to visit and saw Skeeter for the first time in a few weeks. He looked amazing. He lost weight, he was running around the yard chasing my (much) younger half-siblings in the big green grass, rolling around and just looked so happy. He LOVES my father, and loves my brother and sister, and my dad's dog. He was happy to see us, but it really was apparent to us that he was not happy in the city, and needed to be a country dog.

After talking to my dad a few times about Skeets improvements, he asked if they would be able to keep him around, they loved having him and he was a real good dude. We were incredibly hesistant, but truly thought it was the best thing to do for him. We also knew, being with our family, we knew he would get lots of love and attention -- and best of all, we'd be able to see him. We thought everything was going to work out. Months passed, of course, and every time I talked to them they said Skeeter was great, he was having a good time, and they were happy to have him. At our wedding, my brother and sister kept asked if we were going to let them keep the dog, and we confirmed that was the plan (we got married on 9/2).

Well of course, being the man that my father is, that all fell through. After the wedding, my dad called us (while we were on our honeymoon) just calling to "make sure" Nate (husband) really wanted to give Skeeter up, because he seemed so hesitant about it (of course we did, Skeeter is like our son). After talking to my dad I made it clear that we knew Skeet wasn't happy here, spending so much time alone, in a cramped, hot apartment, 20 blocks from the nearest park and that we were more concerned with his well being than our selfishness to have him with us. We returned from our honeymoon on the tenth.

This Friday my dad calls me and said "when are going to come get your dog". Clearly, I was shocked. I asked what the issue was, and my dad said he has put his home on the market and is going to move to South Carolina. This was a pipe dream he had talked about over a year ago, but he decided not to go after his company gave him a hefty raise. Apparently the dream was back on track and my dad said he needed somewhere for Skeeter to go the following day during Open House.

So, being that we live a six-hour drive away, we called my mom who was able to take the dog short-term at her non-dog friendly apartment (there are pets allowed on the property, but they must be registered with the management company). We have called every family member who has known and loved Skeeter to ask for help until we can figure out a solution. Nathan's parents offered to take him short term until we can decide if we'll be able to find a larger apartment/closer to the train or our offices so he's not home alone so much/area more pet-friendly or if we'd think of something otherwise.

My dad was supposed to pick up Skeeter tonight after the Open House at his home was finished (being that my moms place is not-okay for pets, and Nate's parents are an hour from my parents towns). My mom called me, "your dad hasn't called", I called my dad, who was asleep. My mom is mad at me, my dad is just mad, and Nathan and I are in tears. We have no idea what we can do from here, and are just miserable over the whole thing. I hate to know that my sweet Skeet is bouncing from house to house to house, waiting until we can maybe bring him back to a place he hates anyway.

At this point, not knowing what can be done we are looking for a family to adopt him. Rather than having him in a world of unknown for an unknown of time, we want to find somewhere he can go where people will love him as much as we do -- where he will also be happy.

Of course I thought of here, because I know how much love and spoiling everyone gives their puppers and that's what I want for Skeeter. He is currently in the Syracuse/Fulton/Oswego (NY) area, but will be in Rochester by the end of this week at my husbands parents home. If anyone here is interested in bringing the litter dude into your home, please feel free to contact me.

He loves kids, loves other dogs (after he gets to know them, of course) and pays nearly no attention to the cat. However, he is total bed and blanket hog, snores like a 80 year old man, farts like a beast, snorts when he gets excited, and rolls around in tall grass like a piggie. He is still improving with on-leash (he does NOT like to see other dogs off or on leash when he is on his leash --especially if they are bigger than him), but he does not ever try to run away when he's in his yard. He's also a bit of a tugger when on-leash, at least until he pees on every single bush, tree or stub in his neighborhood at least once. He's a bit of a magnet dog; he likes to be where you are.

He has no food issues, but does have occasional seasonal allergies from pollen and trees, from which he was prescribed a half tablet of benadryl every 6 hours (this is only in spring time). He does have separation anxiety, which was treated with crate-training. He is potty trained but when left alone out side of his crate he sometimes has an accident. He is not a barker -- AT ALL, but he will bark in a new home, when in his crate for a few minutes. When we moved, we put blankets over his crate and it solved the problem. He does whimper a big if he's in his crate and you're home and he can't see you. He's about 4 years old, weighs just about 20 pounds and is a total total total love muffin. Also UTD, and all that good stuff.

I miss him so.

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  • My babies

    I haven't posted in forever... I'm sorry for that. I think I'll be around more often, and I hope all of you will be too. My babies:…

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