19 September 2007 @ 11:48 am
So, I need some advice. I am getting a kitten this week and I'm not sure how Chopper will react. I had a cat before I got Chopper and although he seemed very interested and curious about her, she did not like him and swung at him whenever he came near, so eventually they just learned to stay away from each other. I'm hoping since the kitten Im getting is only 8 weeks old, if I raise her around Chopper, they will grow to like each other. I'm pretty sure Chopper will like her, I'm just a little worried that Chopper will get too excited and she won't like him. So does anyone have any advice on bringing a new kitten into a household? Or just any experience at all about how your Boston gets along with cats would be helpful. Thanks =)
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V: otisvolvita on September 19th, 2007 04:42 pm (UTC)
We had an adult cat (Franklin) when we got Otis, and they get along fine. Mostly they just ignore each other, but they also chase each other around and play-fight, which is hilarious. The important thing is that Franklin has places he can go to get away from Otis if he feels like he's had enough; usually if he jumps up on a chair Otis gets the hint (even though Otis could get in the chair too if he wanted). Franklin can also go into the laundry room to get away; we keep the door chained so it's open just enough for him to slip through (we had to do that to keep Otis out of the litter box).

I think that as long as you supervise their initial encounters and discourage Chopper from getting too rough, they'll be fine.