Ravenvoice (ravenvoice) wrote in boston_buddies,

thank you all

I just dont' have the energy to reply to everyone individually.. I sincerely thank every one of you that posted in reply to Sky King's obit...

I know some disagreed with the path I took with his care... but it is what his doctor felt was best.. and I trusted that.  He went peacefully.. he had no clue.. we're fairly sure he was in minimal pain (but in considreable discomfort) he could't play anyone because he coudln;t breathe and hold a toy at the same time..

And no one gave me actually hassle or tried to convince me I was doing the wrong thing..and i respect that tons.

I'd much much rather have to deal with some guilt of it maybe being too soon,  then be in a panic that i left it a second too late.


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