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Terrible Ones?

Lately, just very lately, Gambit has been acting up. Chewing things he shouldn't be chewing. I wonder if there is a problem.

He chewed my basement carpet while I was at work. Ok, I thought, he must be bored. He needs extra walks and more love when I get home, and he needs at least 2 trips a week to his gramma so he can be spoiled all day long.

Problem solved, I thought. Nope. I've been home sick, and yesterday, while I was in the shower, even after I had CAREFULLY MONITORED HIM ALL DAY, he chewed up the other end of the carpet!

Last night my husband caught him chewing the edge of the doorframe. ????

This morning I got up, took him outside, made him his breakfast, went to the bathroom, came out and found him back in bed with my husband chewing mystery item number one, which turns out to be one of those little knobs from the bottom of the toilet to cover the bolts? It was dirty and gross on the inside, and I don't know how he managed to get it off the toilet!!

And it's not as if I've been ignoring him since he just woke up. And it's not like there weren't people to cuddle, he took it to his bed like a prize to show his sleeping daddy!

I don't get it, I just... I have done my very best to puppy proof my home. No tissues on the floor. All the trash cans have lids. No food or descructible objects anywhere where he can reach.

So now he eats my carpet, my door, and my toilet?

Could something be wrong, this new urge to chew? Or is he, as I suspect, still "bored" or upset about something, and I can't figure out why/what? He always seems to do this at times he knows he will get caught. I'd bust out the yuck spray, but I don't know what his next target will be! Aside from spraying anything two feet and down in my house... lol

Any thoughts?

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