know all your enemies (kelliee) wrote in boston_buddies,
know all your enemies

i know its been like 3 weeks since ramzi died and i was going to update you all about what was wrong with him and everything... but i havent exactly been looking forward to writing about this and unfortunately my parents didnt have an autopsy done. so i'll never know why he died and it kind of kills me. i need closure, especially if the reason why he died could affect my other dogs. they just buried him in the backyard while i was sobbing in the shower. i thought about digging him up and taking him down to the vet myself but it was bad enough seeing him stiff and lifeless without the added creepiness of unearthing him from his grave and driving him to the vet in a plastic bag... i still cant get those images of him out of my head. i keep replaying the last moments i saw him alive over and over again and i wish i would have just stayed up all night with him and told him i loved him one last time. i never thought in a million years that he would not be alive when i woke up the next morning. dead within 8 hours of the first sign of illness. i still cant believe it. he was totally healthy earlier in the day, obsessing over playing fetch with my dad just like always. just to attempt to get through that week of school i tried to pretend like we had to give him away and that he was still alive, just not at home with us... but its impossible when you know you're lying to yourself and those mental images wont go away.

for a while i thought rylie was going to die of a broken heart and i was really scared. she threw up once a few days later and she stopped eating for a day and a half. ramzi was her half brother and her best friend. dublin is trying to take over his spot to comfort rylie little by little, but its just not the same for her, i can tell. for about a week she just laid on a pile of pillows looking totally depressed. she would hear dublins tags clinking and she'd lift her head up really quick thinking it was ramzi, but then she'd see it was only dublin and she'd put her head back down and sigh. it broke my heart.

i was wondering if any of the vet techs in here could maybe help me get some closure and tell me if either of these things give you any indication that something specific was wrong with him. like, does something like this happen when a dog ingests poison or has a blockage or whatever.

-his vomit was really foam-y and very frequent.
-he had really strange diarrhea... it was clear (not brown at all... totally clear) and gel like. it didn't smell like poop, it kind of smelled like phlegm or mildly bad breath or something. and there was a lot of it. i've never seen anything like it before. i've seen the gel like stuff WITH poop, but never so much of it all by itself.

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