Loving Life (llinthesand) wrote in boston_buddies,
Loving Life

Weird doggers

    Does anyone else have weird dogger brats who does any of the following?:
  • Sits by the door and when you get up and open the door to let him out he lays down for a belly rub and then won't go out?
  • Won't go out when his/her sibling gets let out,,, to the point of you asking while standing at the door with it open and then turning the other way to ignore you, TO THEN go to the door within 2 seconds of you closing it and sitting back down?
  • You have the door open for 2 hours and then close it and within 30 seconds have one of them go sit by the door to go out?
  • Plays musical doors... having one go out, then the other wants to go out and you let him/her out and the other comes in, and then when the other comes in the other goes out?

I think they are trying to tell me I need more exercise.  That, or they are getting back at me for buying these:


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