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for everyone in SC (or anyone else who cares!)

I felt this was important to share. Not a boston - is a Black Lab, but we love all dogs, right? and felt "Buckshot" deserved to have everyone's support:

Now, this is the story that I felt needed to be shared. It is GRAPHIC so be forewarned. 

What you are about to read is very graphic but it's important that you read it and it's important that you step up and take action. Buckshot is defenseless he's depending on your calls and letters to save his life.
The following is a true story of horror about a dog named Buckshot, his abusive owner named Burly Neil Crosby and a neighborhood of good citizens who repeatedly are made to witness the abuse and are given no legal recourses to help this poor animal.
9-21-07- Karen Leaf calls Colleton County Animal Control and reports that "Buckshot" is being brutally beaten and screaming in pain. Jimmy Durr, another neighbor was also witness to this event. Officer Lyons responds to the call and takes Ms. Leafs statement. Officer. Lyons refused to do anything at this time as he did not witness the attack himself but would put the report on file so to have it in case anything like this were to happen again.
10-13-07- Karen Leaf, Julie Willis, Linda Portell and Amber Durr were talking on Ms. Leafs front lawn when they saw Buckshot running at large, a common occurrence with all Mr. Crosby’s dogs. Buckshot would not go to Mr. Crosby but responded to Ms. Willis who gave him to Mr. Crosby. Much to everyone’s horror, Mr. Crosby removed his belt and beat him until the crowd of neighbors thought he was going to kill him. Ms. Leaf screamed for him to stop as did others including his own wife. Mr. Crosby proceeded to drag him by the collar down the road to their home and picked him up and threw him over the horse gate.
Animal Control was called and Officer Soule responded. Mr. Crosby was not at home at this time. The officer repeated that nothing could be done. So Ms. Leaf called Animal Control to report that Buckshot was running at large so he could be picked up and be kept safe until Monday, the 15
Ms. Leaf was told by Officer Soule that the witnesses would have to go to Judge Campbell’s office to get a warrant for Mr. Crosby’s arrest for animal cruelty. 
, when hopefully the neighbors along with the legal system could help this poor dog. Ms. Leaf also inquired if she could take ownership of Buckshot if this were to occur and was told that she could.10-15-07- Four of the witnesses went to the judges office and were told that nothing could be done. Amber Durr stayed to talk to Judge Gadson and was told that Ms. Leaf would now have to come and make an incident report because she was the one who filed the two prior complaints. Ms. Leaf left work early to do this. She came to her home and called the Sherriff’s department to come and take the report. After an officer came to her home, she repeated the entire complaint like she was instructed to do. Ms. Leaf also called the judges office to ensure that this was all that was needed to get Mr. Crosby arrested but was then told by a lady named Melanie that all the witnesses would have to make an incident report.
Ms. Leaf called back the Sherriff’s department to come and take all the neighbor’s accounts. He was not a happy officer and called his supervisor to complain that he did not think this was his job. He took all the reports and also went to Mr. Crosby’s house to take his report.
On this day, Buckshot was picked up by Mrs. Crosby for a mere $25.00 fee and is currently subjected to the same abuse.
10-16-07- Ms. Leaf took a day off work and went to the Judges office as instructed but to no avail once again. Ms. Leaf was under the impression that a warrant would be issued but instead without any notice for the witnesses to appear, the judge called in Mr. Crosby and Buckshot and inspected the dog, she saw marks but could not be sure if these marks were from the incident of the beating or not and released the dog back into Mr. Crosby’s custody.
Please make the phone calls and help buckshot out. Let the Judge as well as Animal Control know that this is wrong and the lack of action being taken is wrong. South Carolina claims to be cracking down on Animal Cruelty but they are letting this person slip through the cracks even though there are several witnesses to this horrible abuse. Buckshot has a safe place to go and many people willing to help him on his way to a better life but we need your help to get him out of this situation. 

If you’d like to help Buckshot find a loving home away from this *sshole, please sign the petition online 

or you can contact:
Douglas E. Burns  County Administrator  843-549-5221

Hopefully this is getting attention: Channel 2 News- WCBD –NBC- Raymond Owens is interested in doing a story

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