Stacy (satyr8) wrote in boston_buddies,

The Ozman

HI! THis is NIKO!! I wrote this over at our doggyblog but forgot to post here in soo longs! AND I forgot to tell you all that Oz was over for a WHOLE WEEKEND!!!

He is my favorite boy dogs. He is so handsome to me and I love that he likes to play non-stop like me and would rather play and run than anything like sleep, cuz that's what Bentley always does is sleep.

Lucky for mom we played so hard we would get tires and then she had a chance to get some photos of us for the blog because most times they are blurry.

Sometimes, Bentley would try to play, or just try to smell Oz I think, he is such a weirdo. We had a new Halloween toy that was an owl but now is a one-eyed orange slobber blob. Mom found the eyeball in somones poop a day later and it scared her because eyeballs don't belong in poop, but it IS halloweens time mom!

Mom had us lay on the patio for some photos because it was so nice and sunny and some of her flowers were blooming even though we runs over them and pees in them all the time!

Oz didn't want to lays down for pictures, he likes to stand and see how funny he can make his shadow.

Mom thought we looked cute at the door, Mom let us in so we can play I was saying!!!
Oh, and we got some fun videos of our plays time!

Outdoor fun!

Indoor fun!

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