Nancie (eicnan) wrote in boston_buddies,

Indoor clothing

I got my very first Boston/first little dog yesterday and so far everything has been a piece of cake but I have one question...on sweaters...should they wear them indoors? I keep my house at 62 degrees and he has a little kennel with tons of blankets but I don't want him to be too cold. He has a little pile of sweaters because well for only owning him for 24 hours he's already so mellow about dressing up that it has been too hard to resist the temptation to put little sweaters on him. My husband is out getting a book on Bostons so we can continue with our research but was curious if most left sweaters on all winter or just when outdoors. I'm used to big long haired german shepherds that would never stand for having a sweater strapped on. I don't want my little guy to be cold or end up roasting him or doing some skin damage.

Only 24 hours with us and he's proving to be a sweet little boy. He slept all night in his kennel but my german shepherd has taken on the role of mom and kept waking me up to check up on him so still a night of no sleep. He still naturally prefers to sleep in bed with us or up on my neck but I figure it's promising that at 11 weeks he's a big enough boy to be ok in his kennel too. Potty training and the cat that he loves but the feeling isn't mutual appears to be the only issues but it's just been 24 hours so really no worries that he'll be fine.

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