Stacy (satyr8) wrote in boston_buddies,

December Birthdays and MeetUps

My birthday wasn't too bad. We went to our MeetUp but they had locked all the gates because of rain, which was stupid because it was totally sunny. Oh and you'll never guess what I got for my Birthday! A Boston Christmas tree! It has little Bostons climbing all over it and my grandma and grandpa got it for me!

We found the stunning replicas of ourselves and all the great things we can find if we climb the Christmas tree, so now we can't wait to get that tree in here Mom's been talking about!

Mom rescheduled the MeetUp for next Satruday in hopes they won't have some crazy frost warning, we might exchange gifts also which will be super fun!

Here's a picture of me pulling as hard as I can towards the gate, but the person that took it was probably getting the crazy mid-air catch of that other BT.

There was another non-BT there that had a really long nose like an anteater! He was very nice!

So two weekends, two meetups should be good!

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