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On Friday I wrapped a friend's birthday present and put them on the kitchen table and when I came back to get them Bruno and Paige had pulled them both down. One was completely unwrapped and the other looked like it had been put into a paper shredder and pulled out halfway. I brought my friend the presents as is, so we could laugh at how retarded our dogs are.

This morning I brought Bruno downstairs before I headed out to work, and when I got to work I noticed a text from Isaac. The text was a picture of Bruno and his new rubber ring toy. The one that I was going to give him for Xmas that was in a bag in my room and he managed to sniff out and jump on the bed with while Isaac was watching TV in the morning.

I also bought him some rawhide treats to put into Bruno's stocking and I hung it up on the wall downstairs above my door. Today he sniffed it out and he has been standing in the top of the couch crying and jumping on the wall because he wants it. He has never done this before, so the little bugger must have sniffed out the treats and was just going to cry until he got them. It was pretty funny actually :P

Anyways, just wanted to send some holiday cheer to everyone out there from me and Bruno and Isaac. <3

You can't really tell but Bruno is wearing a velvety green collar with white trim and jingle bells on it in this photo, but it just ended up looking like a fat roll!

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