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Not another deer tick....

As johnnyecks's baby has been an example to all of us....I found a HUGE, bloated deer tick on Charlie last night. Thankfully, I had him vaccinated right away when I first got him. (When I was in high school, my beagle was infected and I didn't want to take a chance with my new 4-legged toddler.)

Here's a some very good information on Lyme's, the treatments and vaccine available. It's a little bit technical, but a good read:

This vaccine isn't expensive (I paid $13 for Charlie's) and SO worth the cost. Please check into it if your baby hasn't been vaccinated. Also you should be able to check with the DNR in your area to find out what regions have been designated as a high potential area.

Here's the MN DNR's site about deer ticks. They have pictures and some more information about them.

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