Stacy (satyr8) wrote in boston_buddies,

My holidays so far, by Niko

Me and Ollie love to dance. Mom didn't want to go back to work, but we were so glad when she had to and she took us with her because then I get to see my friend Ollie and dance all crazy with him! We didn't get a picture of Ollie's new sister, but Ollie's mom got her from the humane society and she had been there 4 long years on and off that's older than me and Bentley! She was so sweet we had no idea why it took so long for someone to adopt her! She looks just like Ollie, only with some Corgi mixed in! She is very happy now and we were glad she is in a loving home now for the holidays! We wer all so happy to hear about Lil' Joe too, so many goodnesses!

My other friend I get to see at work is Copley! She is a puppy but she is getting big and so rambunctious!

She likes to sneak by and grab me when she thinks I don't know she's there!

The ref blew the whistle on this play, it is definitely a horse collar! 15 Yards!

We're going to have lots of fun, we both love to run and play all the time!

Mom thinks this picture is funny because it is so cold in the Michigans and she never takes the warm clothes so she borrows some and looks funny. My mom and Dad went to Michigan for a couple days before Christmas. Our grandpa and grandma took care of us and we had loads of good times but we never have gotten to meet our cousin Sadie. Mom says she is big and would probably want to hunt us like bunnies.

Sadie always has to wear bright orange colors on her because she looks like a deer and there's bad things that happen to the deer up there. Here is Sadie finding bunnies in the bushes. I think we could have fun because I am fast and spunky and like to play. Maybe some day I will meet the big Sadie.

Here is me passing out from too much fun on Christmas. My aunt Suzanne has a nice lap for me but I cannot stay awake for so many gift openings.

Bentley reserves all his energy through the day by never ever moving running or playing so he is able to stay awake with all the humans.

He is sooo alert! I guess I should take more naps, what if I am missing out on something crazy and fun!

All the gifts have been opened and put away but we still have this crazy tree in our house! I like it I wonder if we will keep it here forever? I run around really fast and sometimes toys come crashing to the ground that are dangling on it, but mom comes running in and makes sure I don'tplay with the toys, I am not sure who they are for.

Bentley says he will post about his holidays too, but now he must nap.

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