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My Christmas by Violet

My mommy doesn't get a chance to update too often since she's finishing up school and because I'm always sleeping. But I wanted to have her post some pictures of our Christmas, since it was the first Christmas that my mommy and daddy have been engaged.

This was the present I got to open on Christmas eve...it's my brand new bed and I LOVE IT! It also came with a blanket for me since I like to burrow under blankets to keep warm.

This is my grandma's dog, Jake...he got in the way when my mommy was taking a picture of me opening my new toy.

My mommy always tells me I need to sit like a lady. I'm sitting with my daddy on the blanket my grandma got me. It is my Christmas fleece blankey......I LOVE fleece :-)

This is our family holiday picture my mommy put on Christmas cards since my mommy and daddy got engaged this year. I wasn't being too cooperative because there were other dogs where I was at and I wanted to play, but I still look beautiful.

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