Nancie (eicnan) wrote in boston_buddies,

Dog Sunglasses

Any advice for getting your BT to wear goggles? I bought a pair on a day when my little man was being very well behaved and seemed to love being held by all the store clerks with his new goggles on (he loved flirting with the girls although hasn't learned passing gas while being held won't pick up the ladies). Now of course when he wears them he wants them off. He needs to wear them while he plays with our cat and he'll get his last of the puppy series shots tonight allowing him to play in the dog park that's very dusty so eye protection is probably a good idea.

Right now the only thing that seems to work is putting them on when he's half asleep. Naturally when he's wide awake and hyper is when he wants to attack the cat with sharp claws and we haven't figured out what to do with her claws yet (discussing at vet appointment tonight/they're only allowed supervised play time right now). He hates hats so I don't bother putting them on but I think with the cat and a dusty dog park the googles are something he's going to have to learn to tolerate.

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