Nancie (eicnan) wrote in boston_buddies,

Boston Sizing

I realize every dog is different but I have never seen such drastic differences on sizing charts before (previous dog was a Saint Bernard, they're pretty easy to assume sizing; XXL).

I'm starting knitting sweaters for my male puppy but have no clue what size chart to follow trying to assume his full grown size. Do you happen to have your dog's measurements laying around?

At 17 weeks we was 9.5 pounds if that helps any. Some charts say a Boston's neck can be 6-10 inches while another says 13-15 and then I continue to search and see 14-18...there just doesn't seem to be much in terms of "standard."

On the plus side he's fully vaccinated now so I can take him to try store bought clothes on but of course he grows out of them quickly.

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