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Reverse Sneezing

I am sure all of you Boston owners are familiar with the horrendous sounding 'reverse sneeze' that our little guys do every once in a while. Up until now I had never really known what to do for the poor guys when this happens but I found an article today on Petsugar.com that gives some tips. If any of you new Boston owners have yet to experience one of these sneezing fits this will be really helpful. It truly is scary the first time it happens if you don't know what is going on!

Here are the tips from the article:

Massage the dog's throat to stop the spasm. North was so startled by this attack that he was very tricky to grab, but he's so used to it by now that he will stand still for this process.

Cover the dog's nostrils – this forces the pup to swallow which then clears on the irritation and stops the sneezing. If at any point your dog is struggling or doesn't seem to be successful, uncover the nostrils immediately.

Try depressing the dog's tongue. I wouldn't recommend sticking your hand into your pooch's month, but if you find a safe way to get to his tongue, this can open the mouth and aid in moving air through the nasal passages.

If you don't know, I have a blog for my Bostons Here. They have some funny adventures you may be interested in reading about! Have a great weekend!

Also...the doofus says WHATSSSUUUPPPPPPPPPPPP!

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