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Kermit's Bumps

I spent the night away from home and came back this morning to find that Kermit had strange bumps all over his back! Of course I was terrified and upon inspection I saw that he was flakey, so I quickly gave him a bath with just conditioner(it has extra moisture and aloe vera). I let it sit in for 2 min then rinsed. I then vacuumed the entire house, place the cat in the basement(in case Kermit was contagious or if somehow the cat was the cause for his strange bumps), took off the sheets from my bed(he sleeps there and perhaps there could be something in my bed his skin doesn't like), and prayed for the best as I left for work.

It was like something out of a sci-fi movie where creepy crawlies on under the skin. The bumps were similar to when a human breaks out in hives, but these were under his fur. The bumps were not hairless, red or even irritating as Kermit hasn't scratched himself once(I've been following him around watching his every move). He is just his happy self. His fur is much smoother after the bath and less flakes. Could this all be due to overly dry skin?

I haven't changed his diet lately or done anything differently. During his outdoor activities he hasn't been into any type of plants or eaten strange things off the ground(my backyard is plantless and concrete). I was thinking maybe he got into some cat food?

Whatever the case may be when I came back home from work 50% of the bumps were gone and the rest are significantly smaller. He also had two small bumps on the side of his face(neither red nor hairless) and they have disappeared. I plan on keeping close watch and give him another condition bath soon, if problems do not get better I will be taking him to the vet.

I am happy he is looking much better but was wondering if anyone had any clues to the possible cause for his bumpies.


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