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Bostons & flushing toilets?

Why does my puppy love the toilet when it flushes?

Rhett knows that after we sit on the toilet, that we will flush it. He also know when he poops, we will flush it. So he goes over to the toilet, jumps up on his hind legs and puts his paws on the seat and loves it when it flushes. While we are sittign there, he will sit nearby in anticipation of it flushing. He is so happy when it flushes, sometimes he licks the side of the toilet. We can also say to him that he needs to make a poopie and then we can flush it and he understands and gets all excited.

I have never heard of this. None of my other dogs have ever cared about the toilet. Is he just fascinated about where his poop goes or is there something else there?

(I should take a video later to show you all.)

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